Private Office

The Private Office is a task force, organized in the legal form of a GbR (German: Society of Civil Law) with international branches in Switzerland/Liechtenstein, Nigeria, Brazil and Italy having the purpose of dedicatively supporting Prince Raphael´s unilateral visions and interests. The office is organized in the "système de milice-model".

The Private office consists of loyal secretaries, special envoys, protocolists and intelligence agents. The special envoys in particular are experienced specialists, representing the office as technocratic experts.

Chairman: HH Prince Raphael Dakik

Protocol Manager: Manuel Kanda

Chief Operational Officer: Prof. Mauro V. Polticchia

Chief Diplomatic Officer: Andreas F. Liesch

International Branches


Head: Andreas F. Liesch
Counsellor: Christina Savary Kaiser
Chief Press Officer: Karl-Heinz Hug


Head: Prof. Mauro V. Polticchia
Counsellor: Cristina Di Silvio

African Union

Heads: Ifeoma Arinze
Sir Timothy David

Protocol Section

The Protocol Section is consisting of Raphael´s dedicated protoclists, attachées and government representatives.

Manager: Manuel Kanda

Privy Council

The Privy Council of Raphael is a monthly council of the private office held by him and his honorable Special Envoys (technocratic advisors).

Vice-Chairman: Prof. Mauro V. Polticchia

Intelligence Section

The Intelligence Section is dedicated to promote the security of Raphael as well as reconaissance and information analysis.

Director: Al Hakeem b-Ilmillah (codename)

Prince Raphael´s Visions and interests:

  • International Sustainable Development
  • International Diplomatic Rapprochement
  • Restauration of the Muhammadzai Dynasty
  • Promotion of Persian Sufi Culture

Honorable Special Envoys

Prof. Mauro Polticchia

Vice-Chairman of the Privy Council
Special Envoy for Global Communicational Affairs

  • Board Member, Professor and Head of Marketing & Communication LAB of Meier University of Milan
  • Governor of European Digital University Dubai
  • Advisory Board Member of International Institute of Influencer
  • Former Senior Executive at TNCs including LG

HE Andreas F. Liesch

Special Envoy for Swiss and Liechtenstein Affairs

  • Lawyer and former Board member of the Swiss People´s Party in the Kanton Graubünden
  • Member of the Strategic Intelligence Community and Pro Network of the World Economic Forum (WEF)
  • Annual Delegant to the Prince of Liechtenstein

Hon. Fmr Congressman Steven C Watkins

Special Envoy for Transatlantic Affairs

  • Harvard Graduated US Congressman (Kansas Representative)
  • Former member of the Comittee on Foreign and Veteran Affairs
  • Engineer and Veteran (Afghanistan and Iraq)

Hon. Elizier Sandberg

Special Envoy for Innovational Affairs

  • Former Israeli Minister of Science and Technology
  • Former Member of the Knesset
  • Lawyer and Philanthropist

Conor Clifford Murphey

Special Envoy for Physics, Mining and Convert Affairs

  • Oxford Graduated Physicist
  • Experienced Islamic Banker (IDB)

Prof. Gareth Peters

Special Envoy for Quantitative Risk Affairs

  • Janet and Ian Duncan Endowed Chair Professor of Actuarial Science 
  • Chair Professor of Statistics for Risk and Insurance

Prof. Milos Djukic

Special Envoy for Quality Management Affairs

  • Professor of Mechanical Engineering (University of Belgrade)
  • Academic authority on Quality Management
  • Experienced Oil and Gas Specialist

Alexander Husar

Special Envoy for Soft Power Affairs

  • Studied Musicologist (Master Degree)
  • Experienced Political Advisor
  • Arts Advisor (Various European Museums)