Quality Management

Audits, Assessments, Implementation and International Standards

Audits and Assessments

May it be the optimization of the technical quality of a machinery 
The cooperative optimization of a company´s potential

Raphael and his team of experts are available to perform scientific audits and assessments to detail the upscale of quality, based on international ISO Norms like ISO 9000ff.

These assessments will be presented by Raphael and his team.

Corporate Governance Assessment

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  • You are trying to implement a Corporate Governance System based on ISO Norms?
  • You want to optimize external auditing mechanisms alongside its collerating internal implementations?
  • You do not want to statically establish a compliance system but a dynamic corporate culture based on inter-organizational acceptance?

With Raphael´s and his partners know-how on ISO norms (like ISO 37000:2021 or ISO 19011:2018 etc.) and a strategic mindset based on adaptivity and alternativity, your corporate governance model will reach acceptance with an upscale of your company´s governance quality, so that your company may not end up like Carillion did.

Technical Quality Assessment

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  • ISO 10012:2003
  • ISO 15378:2017
  • ISO/IEC 23894:2023 

You are a technical company that needs further engineering support to generate the last "fin broyage" in their innovation? Or you are a company with a new idea, that needs engineering support in making your vision reality?

In cooperation with professional engineers and top academical authorities in quality management enjoying a partnership with Raphael with his own legal expertise in regards to Quality management standards, he can assist in optimizing machineries and making your dream come true.

Sustainability Assessment

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You are a municipality that needs support in assessing environmental or sustainability standards?

  • SDG Goals
  • ISO 50001:2011
  • ISO 37101:2016
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 26000:2010
  • ISO 20400:2017
  • ISO/AWI 8345-1

Raphael and his partners assist in all phases - you can call up the respective environmental due diligence services from us according to the modular principle:

  • Information acquisition, data evaluation (phase I): Using database research, our experts check the geological and hydrological conditions at the site as well as the previous land use and research further information on buildings and facilities.
  • Site inspection (phase I): Our tests extend e.g. B. on production processes, waste and disposal management, sewage and water balance, heating systems, emissions and immissions, the handling of chemicals and hazardous substances as well as the determination of building pollutants.
  • Detailed on-site investigations (phase II): Based on the knowledge gained in phase I: soil investigations, building and interior pollutant investigations, construction of groundwater measuring points, etc.
  • Quantification of the environmental risks (phase III): We define and characterize the extent of the environmental risks in the soil, groundwater or building pollutants ascertained in phase II. Building on this, we develop possible renovation concepts including a cost estimate.
  • Reports (Phases I - III): In each phase you will receive a complete report with a description and environmental assessment of the site, documentation and evaluation of the results as well as cost estimates and recommendations.

Market Assessment

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You are a company that is interested in entering a certain market, but need a holistic assessment in order to easify your decision?

ISO 9000:2015
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 21500:2021
ISO 10006:2020

Raphael and his partners can support in conducting strategic assessments with the most important aspects of decision-making.

Scientific Legal Assessment

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You are a municipality and need support in conducting scientific legal assessment with an international legal dimension focused on Quality Management norms on certain political occasions?

Having received legal assessment skills during his undergraduate legal studies, he together with his partners of lawyers and law professors can support in conducting legal assessments for compliance risk management in international jurisdictions.

As a Lawyer, Raphael specialized himself in Corporate and Transactional Islamic Law, which is essential for: 

  • Strategic Business Development in the UAE and Qatar
  • M&A Cases with companies under islamic jurisdictions
  • Ethical priority-setting for muslim customers

Finance&Insurance Assessment

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You are a company that is interested in financial analytics and risk management optimizations?

  • ISO 10004:2018
  • ISO 10014:2021
  • IWA 31:2020
  • ISO 31000:2018

Raphael and his partners (including renomated Professors) can support in conducting assessments including the quantitative aspects like financial and insurance engineering, modelling an optimal financial model for clients. This includes internal audits and in line of external due diligence assessing the "financial health" of M&A and business Partners.

Executive/HR Assessment

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ISO/AWI 30201
ISO 9000:2015
ISO 9001:2015

You are an HR Manager in your company and need further strategic support in upscaling the quality of your Human Resources?

As a Recruitment Consultant of the Head for Work Group Raphael and his partners can initiate holistic HR Transition Consultancies in order to equip a company with optimal HR Capital in lieu of insolvencies or general quality measurements.

Strategic Assessment

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Via Strategic Assessment Raphael determines which sectors and functions offer most potential in regards to the demands of the targeted Market, political insiders within his network, 3C (Culture, Communication and Change) and other potential factors.

By this he helps asses capabilities to execute a successful transaction, determining what the targeted customers and markets are demanding and are willing to support, identifying it for an effective business growth with
permanence, perspectivity, precision and proportionality

3C Assessment

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A central expertise of Raphael is 3C Due Diligence.

  • Many businesses fail, because of a lack in dynamic 3C management. 
  • For instance many codes of conducts and other society rules are obstacles for the realizations of businesses. 
  • As a bilateral expert Raphael measures and manages cultural comptabilities incorporating professional actions in order to minimize risk of cultural collisions.

Cultural Due Diligence (CDD) is the comprehensive and systematic analysis and comparative assessment of the corporate cultures of the companies involved in a mergers and acquisitions transaction. In addition to corporate culture factors, this analysis can also include country and subcultural aspects.

The terms cultural due diligence, cultural audit, cultural fit audit and cultural impact assessment are synonymous.

The research area of ​​cultural due diligence is located at the intersection of acquisition / merger, culture and (inter) national management research.

In regards to him being a globally respected person within various cultures, he is grown up with the compliance in regards to the respected rules fo a society (f.e. Sharia laws and cultural rules).

In regards to their vivid influence on business transactions, Raphael is there to help in the view of a successful transaction with successful integration management.

Long-term Auditing

You now have an audit and assessment, but need further support in its implementation? Or you need long term auditors to check the implementation of ISO standards like ISO 9000/9001:2015? 

As long term auditors Prince Raphael and his team can stay available in order to implement international quality standards or the strategies eruated in assessments.

The Intellectual Capital Model

Quality Optimization of the 7 Intellectual Capitals (ICs) 

Defined by the Schmalenbach Society of Business Administration

Innovation Capital


Raphael and his team of experts have a high potential in generating new ideas in order to upscale his clients interests. He can establish mechanisms like think tanks in companies in order to optimize the hidden innovational potential of his clients fortune. Notwithstanding this, he is also partner in research activities with prestigeous scientists, coordinating these with his clients.

Investor Capital


Raphael´s office has a strong network of banks and insurance institutes worldwide. His Chacellory can optimize the Investor Capital of his clients by issuing the right investors as well as investment opportunities, based on precise financial reports he issues. Furthermore he increases the financial maturity of his mandates through his know how in Financial Engineering.

Human Capital

Recruitment and Training

As a recruitment consultant Raphael and his friends in the Head For Work Group can optimize intangible values in the area of human resources. Employees bring value to an organization, so training, know-how and competence of employees, a pleasant working atmosphere and knowledge databases are just some examples of essential measures. He can issue Executive Assessments and initiate ways of enhancing the Human Capital of an organization. This also entails the Career Perfection of family members themselves.

Customer Capital

Negotiation, Marketing and Branding

Raphael´s office can furthermore optimize the Brand and reputation management as well as sales contract mechanisms, market shares and customer lists. It is important to issue a customer approximation which Raphael can establish. He can bring quality that can convince prestigeous networks.

Supplier Capital

Sales and Logistics

Raphael´s Office has furthermore expertise in the field of Supply Chain. With multidimensional strategic thinking, he knows the right establishment of supply chain management. It needs vivid governmental influence as well as legal know how based on International Private Law to realize effective Supply Chain Management, which he can issue qualitatively.

Process Capital


In the field of Operational Business Excellence, Raphael´s office is supporting the optimization of processes, may they be internal or external. Especially during long term processes, he can issue Excellence based on sustainable measures generating profit on the way to the target.

Location Capital

M&A and International Development

As a respected aristocrat, Raphael is benefiting from his strong reputation and network in Europe and South America as a cosmopolitan leader. He can strategically choose the right locations for business development expansions with strong knowledge on national legal codes.

Unique Value Proposition

  • Analytical Lawyer´s thinking of Raphael

       -> Precise implementation of International Standards (ISO norms etc.)

  • Partnership with Professors of Quality Management

       -> Optimized 4-eye priciple with authorities in Quality management

  • Long-term auditing with a co-operative partnership

       -> Long-Term monitoring and quality enhancement

  • Holistic Consideration of all capitals

       -> Integration of experts enhancing all above mentioned capitals

You are interested in an initiary consultancy session?

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