Intelligence Solutions

OSINT/HUMINT, Social Engineering, Militant Strategies, Due Diligence, Legal Conformity

Arcane International is an Intelligence Company founded by Majd-Bader and Dor Vardi in which Prince Raphael is acting as a Member of Advisory Board. 

Corporate Diligence

You are cooperating with a dubious company of whose reputation or seriosity you are unsure?

Raphael can assist in information generation of an entity including information that can determine the quality of these entities

Investigative Journalism Support

You are an investigative Journalist and need more information on a hot topic?

Raphael can assist in tracing these information and provide alternative information for the clients support.


You are a government and need support in tracing potential terrorists?

Raphael and his team can execute espionage and IT solutions to gain necessary information to counter potential terror threats.

Financial Tracing

You have transacted a significant amount of money and now are left alone not knowing where your money is?

Raphael can establish strategies to find these assets and track them for the purpose of reconaissance and recovery.

Litigation Support

You are an attorney that needs support in finding information for his case in front of courts?

Associated with top lawyers with know how in the continental and common law legal system, Raphael can assist in supporting mandates in gaining information that is usable in front of courts

 Unique Value Proposition

  • Own intelligence agency, consisting of agents that provided services for states that belong to the top 10 global military powers
  • International Intelligence Infratsructure
  • Partnership with legal experts considering Data Protection Law in information generation
  • Raphael alone had 12 years of experience in OSINT. He was without his intellegence agents able to challenge the capabilities of National Intelligence Agencies and Police Departments. 

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