Management Consultancy

Generating Power through Knowledge

Prince Raphael´s Private Office is consisting of a conglomerate of companies that are headed by the Office´s attachées and envoys. 

The Office is furthermore associated and partnered with specialized companies with whom he provides his consultancy.

Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Quality, Intelligence, Network, Reputation


Highly technocratically sophisticated Private Office 

  • Consisting of specialized experts in Financial Modelling, Quality Engineering, Lobbyism, International Law etc. 
  • Audits with a favour for analytical details and deep inside.
  • Strategical external partnerships

Own Intelligence Agency

  • Consisting of service providers of states that belong to the top 10 global military powers
  • Prince Raphael alone had 12 years of experience in OSINT. He was without his intellegence agents able to challenge the capabilities of National Intelligence Agencies and Police Departments.

Strong International Network

  • Prince Raphael has a holistic pool of partners to outsource certain services to external partners in lieu of the 7 capitals and quality assessments.
  • Access to circles of political power and administration (CH, BRZL, US, EU, AU)

Unique Reputation of Prince Raphael

  • Highly respected Young Leader
  • Polyglot (Strongly communicable)
  • Polymath (Experienced inside in Law and Quantitative Sciences)

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