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A 1400 year old heredity from Prophet Muhammad

Prince Raphael invests his focus on the expansion of his ancestor Prophet Muhammad´s message. He takes pride to have converted many people to Islam highlighting the cosmopolitan and mystical aspect of the religion.

"Islam is not about Arabian Culture, Palestine and Mosques. Please keep in mind that Jesus Christ the Messiah also was an Middle-Eastern Person with a Turban on his head. The message of the Messiah Jesus Christ continued with my ancestor Prophet Muhammad as the ultimate Prophet promised by the Messiah in such a manner as that they only want mankind to believe in one God and all Prophets. Thus people shall be in a constant state of consciousness of this God, may you call him Allah, Yahweh, Yazdan, Dieu or Ahura Mazda etc. and to honor all the Prophets and Saints."
-HH Prince Raphael Dakik

The Cult of Prophet Muhammad´s family

After the occultation of the 12th Imam of the Prophet´s family Muhammad ibn Hasan Al Mahdi, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani headed a clique of 7 Sheikhs of Quraish to represent the 12th Imam's legacy. Other Junior Sheikhs followed them and founded their own respective Sufi Orders. Sufi Orders are philosophical confederations that deal with the deeper meanings of religion by openly discussing Science and Metaphysics in intellectual gatherings.

Imaginary Photo of HH Prince Raphael´s ancestor Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani (right) and his maternal cousin and right hand Sheikh Ahmad Rifai (left).

The 7 Sheikhs addressed out of respect as Shahs operating under Gilani were:
Shah Moinuddin Chishti (Chishtiyya)
Shah Shahabuddin Suhrawardi (Suhrawardiyya)
Shah Badiuddin Madar (Madariyya)
Shah Adi ibn Musafir (Adawiyya)
Shah Ahmad Yasawi (Yasawiyya)
Shah Ahmad Rifai (Rifaiyya)

The Juniors following them were the following Sheikhs that founded their own respected confederations:
Shah Najmuddin Kubra (Kubrawiyya)
Shah Sharifuddin Qalandar (Qalandariyya)
Shah Mohyuddin ibn Arabi (Akbariyya)
Shah Ahmad Badawi (Badawi)
Shah Jalaluddin Rumi (Mawlawiyya)
Shah Abd al Salam Shadhili (Shadhiliyya)

The Naqshbandiyya

State-adherence of Royal Afghanistan

Shah Bahauddin Shah Naqshband a descendant of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani, who takes pride to be also descended from the 12th Imam's little brother Sultan Ali Akbar, continued the legacy of all Sheikhs, whose own order is thus called the ultimate peacock order.

The ultimate aspect of this order manifested in its political legacy. Descendants of Shah Naqshband are honored with the title Mir and the address Hazrat Ishaan who engineered the advent of the Gurkanyan Imperial Legacy as well as the Mughal Imperial and Afghan Royal Culture (Durrani Imperial, Barakzai Royal). Examples of disciples belonging to the confederation were the following:

The inheritance of the supreme leadership lies only within the bloodline of Bahauddin Naqshband reaching the aristocrat and saint Prince Mahmud bin Sharifuddin bin Ziauddin bin Muhammad bin Tajuddin bin Hussein bin Fatima bint Bahauddin Naqshband. He is honored with the title Hazrat Ishaan, which means "the one with the blessed presence", as he and his family are considered as the bearers of Prophet Muhammad´s light and his hereditary successors according to the "Sayyid ul Sadatiyya" successional doctrine.

Supreme Leaders

Hazrat Ishaan I: Prince Mahmud bin Sharifuddin

Hazrat Ishaan II: Prince Moinuddin bin Mahmud

Hazrat Ishaan III: Prince Ahmad bin Mahmud

Hazrat Ishaan IV: Prince Bahauddin II bin Mahmud

Hazrat Ishaan V: Prince Nizamuddin bin Moinuddin (maternal grandson of Jahangir)

Hazrat Ishaan VI: Prince Nooruddin bin Nizamuddin (maternal grandson of Aurangzeb)

Hazrat Ishaan VII: Prince Kamaluddin bin Nizamuddin

Hazrat Ishaan VIII: Prince Sayyid Mir Jan (Grandmentor of Alama Iqbal and Afghan Royals)

Hazrat Ishaan IX: Prince Sayyid Mahmud

Hazrat Ishaan X: Prince (Mir) Sayyid Fazlullah (Chief Justice of Afghanistan)

Hazrat Ishaan XI: General Mir Muhammad Jan (General of the Royal Afghan Armed Forces)

Hazrat Ishaan XII: Mir Sayyid Assadullah (maternal grandfather of Prince Raphael  Pioneer of Afghan Accountancy)

Hazrat Ishaan XIII: Prince Raphael (Son of maternal grandson of Hazrat Ishaan XII)


The influence of the Hazrat Ishaans as supreme leaders of the Naqshbandist cult has become decentralized through the advent of communism.

Occupying the soil of the mausoleum of Bahauddin Naqshband, the Soviets supported fake Sheikhs claiming to be Naqshbandists.

This struggle of the Soviets has found its climax in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, leading to the Hazrat Ishaans to live in Exile in Europe and operate from there.

Science and Modernism

As the order since 700 years focuses on intellectualism, Prince Raphael highlights the value of natural science as means of understanding Prophet Muhammad´s message.

He advocates for the teaching of the Evolution Theory in the Middle East as well as unbiased research based on empirical evidences. In his point of view the evolution theory does not devalue his ancestors message, but actually support it. He furthermore is committed to combat pseudo-scientific ideals that are preached and upheld by unorthodox muslim preachers.

Science Diplomacy and Coexistence

Following his ancestors teachings, Prince Raphael regards the relation to a single God as inherent in the nature of all humans by birth present in all religions, which needs to be flourished by negating cultural radicalism by focusing on what unites the human species. A common focus on natural science is in his point of view the best means to get rid of cultural ignorance and religious extremism. For that purpose he is committed as a Pro-Bono Lobbyist to establish governmental and academic interconnections to facilitate know-how transfers worldwide.

"I might be born an arab, but the arabs do not belong to me (comment: for all of mankind belongs to him)."
-Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

God Consciousness

While many Salafist scholars are keen to promote prohibitions proclaiming that one thing is haram and the other thing is haram, Prince Raphael as an inheritor of the Prophet and most important Saints of Islam highlights that there must be a dynamic promotion of living with Islamic Law and spirituality.

Example: Listening to Music

Listening to music is a controverse topic within the Salafist stream of Sunni Islam. However Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was received in madinah with a song played with drums called "Talaa al Badr ilayna", which next to various quotes of Princes (Miran) of the Prophet´s family is regarded as neutral.

"A person who listens to Music reminding him of God (subjective, even pop can remind a person of God) is close to him."
-Mir Maudood Chishti

"The one listening to Music that reminds him of God is in saintly unity with God."
-Mir Nizamuddin Awliyah

In the end it depends how a person uses Music. It can make a person empower doing sins, which makes it Haram, but on the other hand it can lead to raising one´s God Consciousness, which is the main goal of the message of Islam.

Interpretation of the Quran

According to the Naqshbandist Cult the interpretation of the Quran lies only in the Authority of the Emirs of Prophet Muhammad´s family who are the inheritors of the Noor (Light or inside) derived from the genes of Prophet Muhammad.

A Muslim may read the Quran, but he must not teach it, as he cannot interpret or understand it properly.

"Anyone (not from Prophet Muhammad´s family) who interprets the Quran based on his own point of view (as most scholars do today with vain Bachelor or Master Degrees in Islamic Theology from unblessed institutions) he will enter hell."
-Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Thus a Muslim is oblieged to look for the Mir (Emir) of Prophet Muhammad´s family or an authorized disciple of his and learn from him as the Emir of Ahlul Bayt is the inheritor of the neurology of Prophet Muhammad.

How shall a person find him, when there are so many streams of Islam?


"What you seek (God=Truth), is seeking you."

In order to ease the search for mankind, Prince Raphael is experimenting to re-establish the 3rd Muhammadzai State in order to have a State with himself as the Shah to propagate Islam in the way genetically inherited to him as the current Emir of Ahlul Bayt.

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