Governmental Advocacy

A strong voice with principles, bridging International Development and Governance

Government Advocacy, also known as Lobbyism is the general process of political decision-making, with an executive and legislative nature.

In the Legislative Branch, advocacy includes influencing law-making, that entails enrolling, enacting, or promulgating law by a legislature, parliament, or analogous governing body

In the Executive Branch, Government Advocacy can have many purposes: to regulate, to authorize, to outlaw, to provide (funds), to sanction, to grant, to declare, or to restrict.

Centers of Lobbyistical Influence

Swiss Governance

US Governance

EU Governance

African Governance


Prince Raphael´s office has great expertise in lobbyism and is partnered with specialists in the field of Lobbyism. Prince Raphael and his partners are strong voices in:

  • Switzerland
  • EU
  • USA
  • African Union

Prince Raphael and his partners have a dynamic history of success representing clients interests on the highest political and legislative level worldwide. 

They recognize that legislation and policy decisions across a wide range of sectors can impact an organization’s vitality more profoundly than court judgments and as deeply as business decisions related to its core activities. Political resistance towards a product can even lead to its delisting by consumer retailers on a large scale.


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Raphael and his office establish long-term strategies, anticipating potential volatilities for a permanent establishment of his clients ventures.


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Raphael and his office consider expansive perspectives for clients, advising them in regards to Lobby strategies to target an external market and to ensure it for his clients success.


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Raphael and his office are precise in finding targets that generate high valuation, reflecting market advantages, taking trends into account


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Raphael and his office values a balances proportionality between advantages and disadvantages, considering values and assets at stake. 
He applies technical principals of valuation of strategic decision making, effective Lobby approaches and managerial practices


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Raphael and his office has experience in comprising plans to manage key risks and interdependencies, generating integration and thus achieving aspiration of success in ventures

Target Groups

Prince Raphael´s office is a partner in advocating public interests in legislative bodies for:

  • Businesses (TNEs, Governmental entities)
  • Think tanks (economical, political)
  • Or other associations 
  • Governments 
  • Opposition political parties and 
  • Private individuals 

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