Governmental Relations

Commitments for a better tomorrow

Prince Raphael´s Priorities

Geopolitical Strategy

Serving the military with knowledge as power

International Aid

Joint-Cooperation for Social Justice and Welfare

Know-How Transfer

Contributing to the progress of natural science

 The Problem

  • Governments are overloaded
  • Result: Inefficient Advocacy of stakeholder´s voices

Solution: External Consultancy

  • Translating governmental interests to other governments
  • Strategies supporting G2G projects
  • Initiate market entry for TNCs
  • Generate Operational Governance Excellence in certain countries


(Infrastructure, Labour, Magnification)

  • Know-how transfer as per the technical focus of the Paris Agreement
  • International Aid Development
  • Generating Recruitment possibilities
  • Upscaling Economies


  • Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani
  • Persian Polymath and Know How Transfer Pioneer
  • Pictured on 10 Somoni Banknote of Tajikistan

Science Diplomacy 

Science Diplomacy entails the cooperation with leading scientists in their respective fields in natural and social sciences as well as respective statesmen and diplomats, in order to solidify a strong know-how transfer from the west to the east. Thus Prince Raphael generates a disciplinary bridge between science and diplomacy for the purpose of rapprochement.