The Naqshbandi Sufi Order

In Honor of HH The Hazrat Ishaan

The Imamate of Prophet Muhammad´s family is a 1400 year old supra-national entity, representing the succession of Imams of the family of Prophet Muhammad (Al-Muhammad). The role of the Imam of the Prophet´s family has been a spiritual one, entailing the intepretation of the Quran and the tradition of Prophet Muhammad as per the spirit of time.

The Naqshbandi Sunnis (Brotherhood) believe in the occultation of the 12th Imam as the present Imam and that he is representated hereditarily by his younger brother Sultan Ali Akbar´s descendants through Shah Naqshband and the Hazrat Ishaans.
Prince Raphael´s ancestors acted as spiritual masters of the following dynasties adopting the title Hazrat Ishaan and intermarrying with them:
The Hazrat Ishaans highlight the joint interconnection of worldly life and spirtualism, which complement each other in a dynamic manner, rather than being seperated.

The name "Naqshbandi" had been misrepresentatively been used by the following corrupt organizations from whom Prince Raphael distances himself:

  • Army of the Men of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order
  • Haqqani Sufi Order of Nazim Adil

Lines of Imamate

Although Imamate is principally a Shiite concept, the Sayyid ul Sadatiyya Imams adhere to Sunni Islam and the saintlihood of the 4 Caliphs as in-laws of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). 




 "Islam is in its essence not about Arabian Culture, Palestine and Mosques. Please keep in mind that Jesus Christ the Messiah also was a Middle-Eastern Person with a Turban on his head. The message of the Messiah Jesus Christ continued with my ancestor Prophet Muhammad as the ultimate Prophet promised by the Messiah in such a manner as that they only want mankind to believe in one God and all Prophets. Thus people shall be in a constant state of consciousness of this God, may you call him Allah, Yahweh, Yazdan, Dieu or Ahura Mazda etc. and to honor all the Prophets and Saints including Prophet Muhammad."
 -HH Prince Raphael Dakik 

I. The Qadiriyya Advent

Renaissance of the Sheikhs of Al-Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم)

  After the occultation of the 12th Imam of the Prophet´s family Muhammad ibn Hasan Al Mahdi, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani headed a clique of 7 Sheikhs of Quraish to represent the 12th Imam's legacy. Other Sheikhs followed them and founded their own respective Sufi Orders. Sufi Orders are philosophical confederations that deal with the deeper meanings of religion by openly discussing Science and Metaphysics in intellectual gatherings. 

 The 7 Sheikhs (Haft Aqtab) known as the 7 mysteries of Ali (Haft Asrar Ali) addressed out of respect as Shahs operating under Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani were:
 Shah Moinuddin Chishti (Chishtiyya)
Shah Shahabuddin Suhrawardi (Suhrawardiyya)
Shah Badiuddin Madar (Madariyya)
Shah Adi ibn Musafir (Adawiyya)
Shah Ahmad Yasawi (Yasawiyya)
Shah Ahmad Rifai (Rifaiyya)

The Aqtab following them were the following Sheikhs that founded their own respected confederations:
Shah Najmuddin Kubra (Kubrawiyya)
Shah Sharifuddin Qalandar (Qalandariyya)
Shah Mohyuddin ibn Arabi (Akbariyya)
Shah Ahmad Badawi (Badawi)
Shah Jalaluddin Rumi (Mawlawiyya)
Shah Abd al Salam Shadhili (Shadhiliyya) 

II. The Naqshbandiya Advent

Shah Bahauddin Shah Naqshband a cognatic descendant of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani, who takes pride to be also descended agnatically from the 12th Imam's little brother Sultan Ali Akbar, continued the legacy of all Sheikhs.

The special aspect of this order manifested in its political legacy. Descendants of Shah Naqshband are honored with the title Mir and the address Hazrat Ishaan who engineered the advent of the Gurkanyan Imperial Legacy as well as the Mughal Imperial and Afghan Royal Culture (Durrani Imperial, Barakzai Royal). Examples of disciples belonging to the confederation were the following: 


The inheritance of the supreme leadership lies only within the bloodline of Bahauddin Naqshband reaching the aristocrat and saint Prince Mahmud bin Sharifuddin bin Ziauddin bin Muhammad bin Tajuddin bin Hussein bin Fatima bint Bahauddin Naqshband. He is honored with the title Hazrat Ishaan, which means "the one with the blessed presence", as he and his family are considered as the bearers of Prophet Muhammad´s light and his hereditary successors according to the "Sayyid ul Sadatiyya" successional doctrine

III. The Hazrat Ishaans

Amir ul Muminin of the Naqshbandi Sufi Order
Prince of the Mughal and the Muhammadzai Dynasties of Afghanistan

Hazrat Ishaan Prince Mahmud bin Sharifuddin

Hazrat Ishaan Prince Moinuddin bin Mahmud

Hazrat Ishaan Prince Ahmad bin Mahmud

Hazrat Ishaan Prince Bahauddin II bin Mahmud

Hazrat Ishaan Prince Nizamuddin bin Moinuddin (maternal grandson of Jahangir)

Hazrat Ishaan Prince Nooruddin bin Nizamuddin (maternal grandson of Aurangzeb)

Hazrat Ishaan Prince Kamaluddin bin Nizamuddin

Hazrat Ishaan Prince Sayyid Mir Jan (picture with the green mantle and traditional beard of an Afghan Sheikh of the Prophet´s Family; Grandmentor of Alama Iqbal and Afghan Royals)

Hazrat Ishaan Prince Sayyid Mahmud

Hazrat Ishaan Prince (Mir) Sayyid Fazlullah (Chief Justice of Afghanistan)

Hazrat Ishaan Prince (Mir) Sharifuddin

Hazrat Ishaan General Prince Mir Muhammad Jan (General of the Royal Afghan Armed Forces)

Hazrat Ishaan Sayyie Mir Assadullah (maternal grandfather of Prince Raphael)

Hazrat Ishaan Sayyid Sultan Masood Dakik (father of Prince Raphael)

Hazrat Ishaan Prince Raphael (Bilateral Great-Grandson of General Prince Mir Muhammad Jan)