Royal Afghan Lineage

Royal House of Muhammadzai

His Majesty Amir al Umara Payindah Mohammed Khan Abdali, Viceroy of the Durrani Empire, Emir of the Barakzai Tribe of the Durrani Confederacy
His Majesty the King Sultan Mohammed Khan Telai, founder of the Barakzai Royal Dynasty, abdicated in favour of his brother HM the King Dost Mohammed Khan.
His Royal Highness Prince Sultan Abdul Aziz Khan Telai, General of the Afghan Army, Governor of Kandahar and Badakhshan, Promoted from "Sardar"(Prince by birth) to "Sultan" (High Prince)
His Royal Highness Prince Abdul Qayum Khan Telai, Governor of diverse central Provinces, he and his brothers supported their cousin HM King Nadir Shah
His Royal Highness Prince Abdul Khaliq Khan Telai, UN Ambassador, Father of Physics and Meteorology of Afghanistan, Leading Technocrat, Director of the Traffic Authority (became a ministry in 1977)
His Royal Highness Prince Sayyid Sultan Masood Dakik, Governmental Advisor, Former Diplomat, Businessman, European Champion of Judo 1980s, holder of the Order of Merit of Germany
His Royal Highness Prince Sayyid Raphael Dakik

HM King Sultan Muhammad

2nd King of Afghanistan uniting all of Afghanistan. He resigned in favour of his brother HM King Dost Mohammed

Prince Abdul Khalek´s great grandfather

HM King Payindah Muhammad

1st Barakzai King of Afghanistan uniting the Barakzai tribe to rebell against the Durrani Empire

Father of King Sultan Mohammed

HRH Prince Abdul Khalek

Afghan Father of Physics

UN Ambassador
Minister of Transport

Raphael´s paternal grandfather