HH Prince Raphael Dakik

جلالت مآب سردار میر رفیع الله خان دقیق

Raphael Dakik (born on August 17, 1998 in Düsseldorf) is a Business Lawyer practicing internationally as a Governmental Strategist and Quality Management Consultant.


After an exclusive internship in the German Federal Parliament in 2016 and a year of travelling around EMEA, Raphael decided to start his fundamental major studies in law with a minor in physics and an inclusive internship in the German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs from 2017-2020 in Germany.

After a foreign-semester of studying IR in LSE, Raphael is currently focusing on his Online-Master of Laws (LLM) at the University of Aberdeen and extensively visiting courses at Harvard University (Harvard Extension School). His long term academic target is a PhD in Technology Law.

Career (Law and HR)

After his internship in the German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Prince Raphael established his own consultancy firm in 2020 focusing on EPCM Solutions for the Oil and Gas and Mining Industry and Diplomatic Strategies. He had gained a very strong network and closed his company in 2021, working as a trainee consultant in an internationally well known Consultancy firm in the field of Human Resources (Recruitment) in year 2021. Recruitment signifies to consult mandates in optimizing their HR sections with right candidates based on strategic audits and executive assessments.

After the Taliban-takeover of Kabul, Prince Raphael spent 2 years as a full time monarchist Lobbyist optimizing his political network tremendously. He is now working as a recruitment consultant in the Head for Work Group, a company established by friends of his. He is additionally a partner/board member in companies led by his adjutants in the field of lobbyism and law as well as banking and finance.

As a studied public lawyer, focusing on the Energy and Mining Potential of his motherland with its tremendous amount of rare earth minerals like Lithium, Prince Raphael is keen to engineer with his academic partners a new state model to provide labour and elevated quality of life for all Afghan citizens in case he succeeds in re-establishing Muhammadzai rule after 45 years.

Nonalingual Polyglot

German (Native)
Persian (Native)
English (Native)
Pashto (intermediate)
French (Fluent, certified C1 Level)
Arabic (Theologic, Persian Accent)
Portuguese (Intermediate)
Italian (Intermediate)
Spanish (Beginner)

Political Legacy

During his semester in LSE, Prince Raphael started carrying out an IR research project called Royal Afghan Government in Exile (RAGE) with the support from Senior politicians worldwide. It is dedicated to experimentally research the feasibility of re-establishing his family´s dynasty in Afghanistan again for enduring peace. After the glorious Saratan Revolution of 1973, the Muhammadzai dynasty fell in 1978 with the bloody Saur Revolution and the following Soviet Invasion 1979, ending the rule of Prince Raphael´s family.


Prince Raphael advised many governmental institutions and advocated the interests of leading global NGOs infront of governments. 

He has established a reputation as a very strong networked young leader who is working on establishing an international Forum on Lobbyism in Graubünden, Switzerland.

Islamic Mission

As a descendant of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him (Press for Lineage), Raphael takes pride to have converted many people to the faith of Islam. As the hereditary head of the Naqshbandi Sunni culture (13th hereditary successor of the saint HH the Hazrat Ishaan, succeeding his maternal grandfather), he highlights the importance of balancing islamic rules like prayers etc. with joy and inside instead of political demagogism.

Family History and Life in Exile

As members of the Muhammdzai Royal Family, Prince Raphael´s family escaped from the Soviet Invasion that led to 2 Million Afghans being killed by the Communists, leaving the country in a state of ongoing turmoil.

In contrast to other royal families, the Afghan royal family did not have the chance to gather assets and transfer them to offshore accounts. While most Afghan Royals were executed during the Saur Revolution, Prince Raphael´s grandfather HRH Prince Abdul Khalek's life was spared because of his reputation as Afghanistan's father of Physics.

HRH Prince Abdul Khalek (picture as Royal Afghan UN Ambassador) was as one of the 20 most influential royals (Sardars) kidnapped by the Communists during the Saur Revolution alongside immediate members of Zahir Shah (in Italy during that time) and Daoud Khan. All nineteen Royals were executed instead of HRH Prince Abdul Khalek Khan.

After some military underground operations of his uncles Prince Karim, his sub-cadet branch (Mir Muhammad Jan-Khel) of the Telai had the time and chance to be evacuated by the Western German government, upon which his family had to start from zero. For security reasons as the KGB and KHAD persecuted the family, the royal surname "Khan-e-Telai" (Lord of the Telai Cadet Branch) was changed to "Dakik", by Raphael´s uncle Prince Razek which is Persian meaning "chique", "precise" or "ettiquetteful" to honor the noble ettiquette of the Afghan Royal family.

Although there was hope for the Muhammadzai Dynasty to be re-established in 2001, Afghan Warlords from the Northern Alliance supported by Arab Terror groups threatened the royal family with another civil war, which is why HM King Zahir Shah neglected the claim to the throne.

In year 2009 and 2014 two distant cousins of Prince Raphael attempted to run for presidency. HRH Prince Mohammed Nadir Khan Naeem of the Yahya-Khel Telai cadet branch, who was outside of country during the bloody Saur Revolutionist purge and HRH Prince Ali Khan Seraj (d.2012) from the Seraj Cadet Branch, whose cadet branch is based in Italy. They thus had the reputation as the last two Afghan Princes standing in Afghanistan.

Since 2021 Prince Raphael is now the only Afghan Prince who alongside his dedicated supporters is analyzing the re-establishment of the Muhammadzai Dynasty in an international dimension through Lobbyism.

Private Life

As an offspring of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Raphael is a pious Muslim with an ascetic lifestyle, fasting twice a week and enjoying time with his family, religious novices and converts. He enjoys nature, sports and managing events to feed the poor around his holy family sanctuary in Kashmir (Ziyarat Naqshband Sahab).

He lives with his family in a calm village in which his late grandmother Princess Rahima (d. 2006) enjoyed her last years.